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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Democrat Moneybags shunning Dean?

If we are going to look like a unified party this isn't good. If the moneybags in our party are going to sit out because they don't like Howard Dean, that is no way to get us back into the political arena:

One hundred days into his tenure as the high-energy, higher-decibel chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean is in trouble with party moneybags. The former Vermont governor seems to be doing a better job flaying the Republicans than bridging the cash chasm between the parties. Given Dean's 2004 run as a populist crusader, moderates were never wild about his takeover of the Democratic National Committee. So some big donors are sitting on their wallets.

full story:
Howard Dean's Raised Voice Isn't Raising Cash


Blogger Just Plain Child said...

Don't you think that this is a manifestation of the "centrist" middle-of-the-road-afraid-to be-a-real Democrat? When will the "centrists" learn that a moderate Dem is too much like a moderate Repub for the average Joe to see any real difference? Personally, I think that Dean needs to be let out of his cage and allowed to roar again!

6/03/2005 11:49 AM

Blogger Gingersnapp said...

You bet I do, I am sick of these spineless weinie dems like Kerry who sat there and took all that Swift Boat crap. A war hero, who was vilified and never came out fighting. I'm like you I want a real life democrat, like Barack O'Bama seemed to be at the convention although we haven't heard much from him since entering the Senate. Or Teddy Kennedy, who never lets the wingnuts get away with anything.

6/03/2005 11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, let's see...

First, Dean LOST in the primaries. It wasn't like he was repressed; he lost in a Democratic election. Don't cry about his plot in life, it's the Democrats' fault he's where he is. But it's probably because not everyone's vote counted, right?

Second, Kerry didn't come out fighting because it was true. Anybody who knows that they have truth on their side retaliates; Kerry let it die because he knew it was true.

Third, his last name is spelled Obama. He's not Irish, he's Kenyan. I'm sure that you'll remember it in seven years when he runs for President. (unless Hillary Clinton wins in 2008, in which case he'll wait until 2016).

Fourth, I'm glad you're sticking up for Teddy Kennedy. He's a good guy who's never done anything wrong. He didn't even manage to drive (on a suspended license) Mary Jo Kopechne off of Chappaquiddick Rd. on July 18, 1969, into Poucha Pond, where he left her to die.

It's awesome that Democrats rely on a crazy idiot, a war "hero" that shot himself so he could go home, and a murderer. Let's bring back these guys to run our country!!

6/06/2005 1:00 PM


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