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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Is Jeff Gannon Johnny Gosch??

Bringing this back to the top because the MSM has picked up on the story and is being reported on by KWWL of Iowa:

Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?

In 1982, a paperboy named Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in West Des Moines . For years, his disappearance made national headlines. And now, 23 years later investigators are investigating new developments in Johnny’s case.

....Perhaps just as reliable as the recent phone call Noreen Gosch received telling her Jeff Gannon is her son. Mrs. Gosch says, "He’s been in touch with Gannon for months and months and knows him to be Johnny Gosch.....

full story:
Has Johnny Gosch Been Found?

From Conpiracy Planet:

Former Los Angeles FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson, now a private investigator and author of "How to Find Anyone," appeared on the "Mysteries of the Mind" radio program March 8 and claimed that he has "a credible, reliable source" that says "Jeff Gannon" is indeed kidnapped Des Moines Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, as described in the "Franklin Coverup," an expose' of high level GOP Republican pedophilia.

Gunderson claimed that "Gannon" has scar on right cheek. Johnny's mother Noreen Gosch has looked at the mark on "Gannon" in photographs and said it was the same as that as on her son.

Gunderson says that a birthmark in the "shape of South America" appears to have been removed from Gannon's chest.

"I think Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, and I think he planned this to get even with them for screwing up his life from age 12 on," said Gunderson.

full story:
Ex FBI Ted Gunderson: Jeff Gannon Is Johnny Gosch


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