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Monday, April 18, 2005

Cancel Your Time Magazine Subscriptions

from SirotaBlog:

Proof Of the Media's Hard Right Bias

There's been a lot of debate over whether the media is "liberal" or "conservative." But as I saw this week's cover of Time Magazine, I realized just how ridiculous it is for there to even be a debate.

The cover trumpets right-wing crazy person Ann Coulter. This is a woman who advocating blowing up the New York Times offices and claimed Vietnam war hero/triple amputee Max Cleland didn't deserve to be honored for his losing his limbs on the battlefield.

In a vacuum, you can certainly argue that its fine for a magazine to explore the ramifications of Coulter on America's culture. But this isn't a vacuum. When was the last time you saw someone of equal (if not more) importance on the left promoted on the cover of America's mainstream magazines?

full story:
Proof Of the Media's Hard Right Bias


Blogger erinberry said...

Have I ever mentioned what a disgusting waste of flesh I think she is?

4/18/2005 3:05 PM

Blogger Gingersnapp said...

erinberry, I think it is the ones like her with all her hate talk that have polarized all of us so much. I went to watch Michael Moore last summer, and there was no hate in his talk but yet he is demonized by the right. He even tried to get a bunch of protestors to come into the stadium and discuss their differences with him.

4/18/2005 5:04 PM

Anonymous freethinker said...

gingerdnapp... I just totslly fell out of love with you, no matter how "HOT" you are (as Dean4prez says, I dunno, personally, Ive never seen your pic:D). Mikey Moore is TOTALLY filled with hate, as is moveon,org, the daily Kos, and 95% of the blogs you have listed. Here, I thought I had someone who had a fairly open mind, someone who would at least look at the issues, but NOOOO... I see your as hate-filled and closed minded as the rest! Who, Oh WHO will be the mother of our children now???????? The FIRST time Micheal Moore lets a protestor "discuss" their differences with him, and actually has a "discussion"... PLEASE let me know, when I saw him on O'Reilly, he TOTALLY made a jackass of himself, as opposed to Ben Affleck, who seemed like he had at least HALF a brain!

4/18/2005 9:02 PM

Anonymous freethinker said...

In response to the question in your blog post and not your response... well Michael Moore... ALL over the magazine covers last year, ummm EVERY Hollywood celebrity who has EVER been on a magazine cover (Especially Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Al Franken, Janeane Garofolo, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Kate Hudson, Spike Lee, Rosie O'Donnel, Sean Penn... need I go on?????)

4/18/2005 9:10 PM


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