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Friday, April 22, 2005

From Raed in the Middle:

A boy lies dead in a street in Ramadi, Iraq on Thursday, April 21, 2005. His body was found in a street near three smoldering cars after gunfire erupted in downtown Ramadi 115 kilometers (70 miles) west of Baghdad. The U.S. military had no immediate information on the incident.

No "immediate" information! why would they care aslan? it's just a little boy in the middle of nowhere. A little terrorist project in Ramadi.

But seriously, why would anyone care who killed the little boy. He's dead, with other tens of thousands, because of the ongoing illegal war. Whether the bullet was shot by a US soldier, or by someone fighting the foreign occupation of his country, both of them didn't mean to kill the boy, but they killed him. .......More


Blogger Josh Fahrni said...

'or by someone fighting the foreign occupation of his country'

You say it as though they are equal to our men. You think this is ok? What they do is all right? They target civilians. We don't. The fact that you idiots can't see that, sickens me. They are not our equals in any way. They are cowardly pieces of shit, and that fact that you stuck up for them, speaks WONDERS about the Democratic party and it's base.

Keep rooting against America, you fucking terrorist sympathizer.

4/25/2005 10:43 PM

Blogger Gingersnapp said...

MY MY MY Josh, what a mouth for a 15 year old, be careful I might tell your Mom and she'll wash that mouth of yours out with soap. If you had read the piece (maybe you can't read yet) it was from an Iraqi blogger who was opining on his reactions to the war not mine. I placed it here to show what our young men and women are having to do day after day over there, they don't want to kill anyone, I bet most just want to come home. I don't believe they would kill civilians on purpose, but imagine what it is going do to them when it happens by accident. I can't imagine having to live with that. I can see that you are very supportive of the war, I'm sure you will be signing up in 3 years.

4/26/2005 11:13 AM


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