Being Liberal and a Progressive in a RED STATE is not an easy thing these days. I started this blog to vent my frustrations on our lives being taken over by right wing conservatives with their propaganda machines. I have also learned an important lesson in the last year, it is that reading is the only way to get real information, you cannot depend on the news you see on TV.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phony Soldier

Wes Clark says email windbag comedian, fat, druggie Rush Limbaugh:

Dear Bluegal,

Rush Limbaugh recently labeled all Iraq veterans who want a change of direction in Iraq as "phony soldiers." But will he say this to Iraq war veteran Jon Soltz's face?

Email Limbaugh and urge him to invite Jon Soltz to his radio show!

You've heard a number of times from Jon Soltz of Do you consider him a phony soldier?

According to Rush Limbaugh, Jon Soltz, an Iraq war veteran, is a phony soldier. Today, Media Matters reports that Rush Limbaugh said that those troops who come home and want to get America out of the middle of the religious civil war in Iraq are "phony soldiers."1

The question is, would Rush make these outrageous and offensive comments to Jon's face?

Take action now. Email Rush Limbaugh and urge him to invite Jon Soltz onto his radio show!

Rush Limbaugh has never worn the uniform in his life, yet he's got the moral standing to pass judgment on the men and women who risked their lives for this nation?

Polls have shown that the majority of troops on the ground in Iraq, and those who have returned, do not back the President's failed policy.

Does Rush believe, then, that the majority of the US Armed Forces are "phony?"

Major Generals John Batiste and Paul Eaton left the military and have spoken out against the Bush Administration's failed policies. These are former commanders in Iraq, and they have challenged the Administration for its stubborn refusal to listen to those commanders on the ground who have sent up warning after warning.

Does Rush believe that highly decorated Major Generals are "phony soldiers?"

Finally, recall the members of the 82nd Airborne in Iraq who wrote a New York Times op-ed, urging for a change in course in Iraq, and suggesting it was time to figure out the exit strategy. Two of them just died.

Does Rush believe these young troops are "phony soldiers?"

My challenge to you is to force Rush to invite Jon Soltz onto his show and say all of this again, right to the face of someone who served in Iraq.

Click here to email Rush now!

Democracy demands discussion, disagreement, and dissent. It is the natural expression of our freedom. To dishonor the service of our troops because they have a different viewpoint is unconscionable. Thank you for speaking out.

Wes Clark

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The MSM thinks he has to trash the other candidates, can't we just have a civil discourse anymore:

Monday, September 17, 2007

What I Like About George W. Bush

He has created a generation of Democrats. Chart shows where highschoolers stand as far as which candidate they are friends with:

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sad but True