Being Liberal and a Progressive in a RED STATE is not an easy thing these days. I started this blog to vent my frustrations on our lives being taken over by right wing conservatives with their propaganda machines. I have also learned an important lesson in the last year, it is that reading is the only way to get real information, you cannot depend on the news you see on TV.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Those Mean Democrats that Made Mrs. Alito Cry

I was visiting NRO's The Corner and noticed this big flashing ad about how mean the democrats were to Judge Alito and his wife. HMMM -- Did you know:

That Senator John McCain once joked

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno.
A joke too bad to print?

Or that Rush Limbaugh said this:

In 1993, when Chelsea Clinton was still in braces, Rush Limbaugh said this: "Everyone knows the Clintons have a cat," said Limbaugh. "Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?" He then pointed to a video monitor, which switched to a picture of Chelsea Clinton
Rush Limbaugh Wikipedia


Blogger sarafisher5428 said...

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1/19/2006 5:15 PM

Anonymous melissa said...

This double standard in American politics is absolutely sickening! As your article pointed out so vividly, it was totally ok for Republicans to make fun of and mock a young girl years earlier during a critical time in her development. Now, where do Republicans get off complaining about Democrats "making" Mrs. Alito "cry" during questioning?? I have my doubts those were real tears; I'm sure it was all set up to rally support around an unpopular nominee. This double standard in politics is beyond my comprehension, and I can feel nothing but disgust for anyone within the Republican party, as they have proven time and again they are corrupt and dishonest.

1/20/2006 6:25 AM

Blogger Shimmy said...

I made Mrs. Alito cry. And I don't feel bad about it.

1/22/2006 10:50 AM


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