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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

War is Great Unless You Have to Fight in it!

In the last couple of weeks to several months, our local newspaper has been printing letters to the editor from students in my son's senior class that are in a very republican teacher's current events class. All are supportive of Bush and his war, here is a letter to the editor he wrote:

It has been great reading all the well written letters to the editor from my peers, the Benton High School Seniors. Their support for the Bush policy and the War in Iraq is quite heartening.

With all that enthusiasm for this administration and its war, it appears that the military recruiters here in Anyplac will have a virtual treasure trove of signers in the spring. There should be no shortage of young men and women signing up to fight for their president and his war that they support so wholeheartedly. I personally believe when a person who is of military age defends a war, they should be willing to join the fight, as I know I would.

Although it seems the new neo-con mantra of “war is good unless I have to fight it”, in the genre of Dick Cheney, has become the mainstream. This new pro-war group, who stick yellow ribbons on their cars and then they go on with their lives while our military heroes return to Iraq for three and four tours of duty, is quite amazing. I don’t support this war because I believe it was not only unnecessary it was illegal, but if we ever have a real war in which we are attacked, I will be the first to sign up to fight for my country. This new breed of Chicken-hawk who is all talk and no action is pretty sad.

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