Being Liberal and a Progressive in a RED STATE is not an easy thing these days. I started this blog to vent my frustrations on our lives being taken over by right wing conservatives with their propaganda machines. I have also learned an important lesson in the last year, it is that reading is the only way to get real information, you cannot depend on the news you see on TV.


Friday, April 29, 2005

"Racial Profiling" at the White House?

The Secret Service has requested racial information on journalists and guests scheduled to attend a reception tomorrow night with President Bush.

White House reporters said they were offended that after furnishing the customary information -- name, date of birth and Social Security number -- they were also asked for the race of each person expected to attend the small reception scheduled before the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner.

....A White House official from the Clinton administration said race was not a field in the form it used to clear visitors into the executive mansion. A Bush White House spokesman referred calls to the Secret Service......

full story:
Racial Data Sought for Bush Event


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Blogger GOP08 said...

Well let's see why this is important:

1. A black congress woman has accused the White House security of being racist and also assulted an officer. Now she has said she is sorry and she was wrong.

2. A Chinesse woman gets into a very important meeting just to disrupt and cause chaos by screaming at the Chinesse leader Hu.

3. You have college students of Middle Eastern descent in NC and Georgia trying to come up with plans to kill as many Americans as possible.

4. You also have white supremacist groups that are against government and will threaten our daily lives if given a chance.

I'm not sure I blame the White House one bit. As long as it is a step to futher secure our country and our government I am all for it.

4/24/2006 1:47 PM


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