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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Watch What you say you Could Get Beat Up at the Post Office!

TodayI went to the post office to mail out my weekly Ebay stuff and did my normal conversational rant on Dubya and his administration with Monty my postal guy. As I was leaving a woman at the other window turned around and yelled at me "If you don't love America you should Leave!" At first I was shocked that someone was listening in on a private conversation, when I recovered I just stated that I love American but I hate George W. Bush and his administration and what they are doing to this country. I proceeded out the door with her following a few minutes later, pounding her chest saying "I love America and I am a good American."

Geesh! I guess you have to do a Britney Spears and say "I think we should all support our government no matter what." It is unbelievable that you cannot have a discussion anymore in this country about what you may dislike about the government without being accused of being unpatriotic.


Blogger erinberry said...

The whole "love it or leave it" thing is about the most inane, mindless shit out there.

4/13/2005 9:41 PM

Anonymous FREEThinker! said...

So, in your "progressive liberal minded" logic, it's okay for you to spew whatever happens to come into that small mind of yours, but for someone else to voice an opposing view is somehow wrong? What happened to "freedom of speech"???? Or does that particular freedom only apply to those who voice similar opinions to yours? Sounds to me like you'd rather revert to the thought police of the former USSR or Nazi Germany, where the only views allowed would be yours. Sorry, that's NOT going to happen! deal with it. You have YOUR views, others have theirs, and BOTH are equally free to voice them! YOUR rights to freedom of speech do NOT impede others from their dissenting views! Will you libbypukes EVER get that through your heads???????? I doubt it, since you ALL seem to share the single braincell allocated to "Progressives"!

4/15/2005 10:59 AM

Blogger Gingersnapp said...

Well I guess you just showed us what the problem is by your rant. We progressives give you every right to spew your vitriol, what we don't do is tell you to leave America. To begin with it was a private conversation, but if she had just turned and said I believe you are wrong about that and I have a differing opinion, that would have been fine with me because I believe it is good to have diversity that's what makes a better world. But it must be that you want an America that believes just the way you do, because you want us all to leave.

4/15/2005 11:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm... where, exactly in my posting, anywhere do you see that I told you to leave???? I simply pointed out that you, my dear, are complaining about how you feel YOUR right to free speech was being trampled on, by another person who was exercising their right to free speech. Did she cross the line? I don't know, nor do any other of your gentle readers ( to borrow a line from Miss Manners"). We weren't there, all we get is YOUR version of the events, in which you seem totally innocent. However, as with all events, there are as many sides or versions of the event, as there are witnesses to said event.Was your "private conversation" loud enough for others to hear? Was it heated? Was it offensive to others? Speech, in the USA, is free, however that freedom goes both ways and comes with reposnsibilities and limits. No, the main problem is, on both sides, the anger in America as a whole, the freedom certain people seem to feel to trample on other peoples rights, the car jacking, the road rage incidents, the pie & egg throwing, the bullying. This is not an "neo-con" nor "liberal" problem, this is a societal problem. Until such a time as we teach ALL people respect for the rights and priveleges of others, the problem will continue. However, this problem isn't hlpd any by the Peta freaks throwing paint on someone's mink coat, simply because they disagree with them, nor is it helped by the abortion clinic bombers, nor the liberal Pie & egg throwers, nor by the thuggery evidenced in the last electoral period. Having mentioned that, the majority of the thuggery was evidenced from the socalled "compassionate" liberals!

4/16/2005 8:30 AM


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