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Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Should All Support Companies Like This

June is Gay Pride Month (American Airlines Employee's Website)
American Airlines - "JetNet" ^ | Tuesday, June 13, 2006 | American Airlines

June is Gay Pride Month

June is recognized as Pride month for American and American Eagle's gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered (GLBT) employees.

The multi-colored Rainbow Flag, a symbol of GLBT pride, will be displayed in the atrium at HDQ1, HDQ2 and FSU. The flag, designed by Gilbert Baker, debuted at the 1978 San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day parade. It is comprised of six colors, representing life, healing, sun, nature, harmony and spirit. It represents the diversity and the unity of GLBT persons everywhere.

SO told me about the American Airlines Gay Pride Thing and I was searching google when I came across the above posting that was cut and pasted from Jetnet (only employees can see) on Free Republic a crazy far right blog, here are some of the wingnut comments about it:

This was forwarded to me from an old friend who works at AA. Just another reason for me to dislike this company.

1 posted on 06/13/2006 7:57:51 AM PDT by I_Publius

To: I_Publius

Ugh. We need a gay revulsion month.

2 posted on 06/13/2006 7:59:58 AM PDT by LibWhacker

To: I_Publius
June is recognized as Pride month for American and American Eagle's gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered (GLBT) employees.

Well, that settles it for me....I won't be flying on a sex-deviate-supportive airline like American and American Eagle, and have told them so. Until the end of the extortion (threat of legal action against them) from companies with no backbone or principles occurs, I'll take my business elsewhere.

7 posted on 06/13/2006 8:06:36 AM PDT by traditional1
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o: LibWhacker

.....Indeed....! I simply cannot understand the "pride" associated with what are basically un-natural and disgusting sexual activities....! but, again.... another sign of the sick times in which we live....Lord help anyone who might want to start a "Straight Pride" month...they would be branded as "homophobic" or something....!!

8 posted on 06/13/2006 8:09:24 AM PDT by Thunderchief F-105 ('...The wages of sin are death....")


Blogger DocLarry said...

Whoa. Had to read that post twice. I thought the comments were from your readers. Thankfully, they were from Freepers.

Thank you for reading Free Republic so we don't have to!

6/19/2006 7:11 AM


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