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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Truth about Mrs. Alito's Tears

From Conservative Blogger John Cole:

This headline is pretty hacktacular even for Drudge:

The headline states:

“ALITO WIFE LEAVES HEARING IN TEARS AFTER DEM ATTACK” and links to this Drudge write-up:

I don’t like Kennedy. At all. I think Schumer is a grandstanding fool and a pompous ass. I think Patrick Leahy is as partisan as they get, and not to be trusted. But only the most patently dishonest person on the planet would claim that Mrs. Alito left after a Democratic attack. She left after REPUBLICAN Sen. Lindsey Graham was basically praising Alito, defending him and reciting some of the things that have been said about Alito.

But it was not a withering attack from Democrats which unsettled Mrs. Alito. Not at all.

I am so sick and tired of everyone just lying about every-damned-thing.

Thank you, I too am so sick of lying on both sides. Can't we all just disagree and still get along without the spin and the emails that tell lies on both sides that no one checks out and then become worldwide truths, and the lies from talk programs.


Blogger Gottheredstateblues said...

I agree with your post. I posted an article about Mrs. Alito today also at
Remember when Ken Lay's wife cried on television? Makes me sick.
I'm in Virginia and working everyday to turn the Old Dominion blue.

1/12/2006 11:21 AM


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