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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On Sex- Ed, Tax Money, and Lies

I am a very socially conservative liberal so I am a true believer in teaching kids abstinence but I am also a realist who knows that not every child will refrain from sex until marriage. I believe any sex-ed class should fully and completely include birth-control as part of its course of study. But spending taxpayers money on lies is outragous:

From Think Progress:

Ohio has spent $455,000 in taxpayer money to teach abstinence-until-marriage-only sex ed to students in middle school and high school. Dr. Scott Frank, a leading public health researcher at Case Western Reserve University decided to check out exactly what the kids were learning. Here’s the sex-ed information a half-million dollars bought for Ohio teens:

HIV can be transmitted through “tears and open-mouth kissing.”

Contraceptives are to blame for mental health problems in teens.

Taking the pill will increase a girl’s future chances of infertility.

Students should just “follow God’s plan for purity.”

Also from Cleveland.Com
Ohio's abstinence programs faulted:

Ohio's abstinence-until-marriage curricula contain false or misleading information about abortion and contraceptives and do not portray the risks related to sexual activity in a scientifically accurate matter, according to a leading public health researcher at Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Scott Frank's 29-page report, due out today, also said that abstinence-until-marriage programs, aimed at middle school and high school students, perpetuate destructive gender stereotypes, provide little guidance for gays and aren't necessarily being taught by trained health educators.

"I was surprised at what I found," said Frank, director of Case's public health program. "Sometimes I found myself shaking my head wondering 'What decade are we living in.' "


Blogger erinberry said...

It's really bad when people have to resort to lies to further their cause - There's no excuse for the medical misinformation that they're spreading. In addition, what's up with the word "God" in a public education health course???

6/08/2005 12:01 PM


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