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Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Getting Ugly Out There

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From The Swamp:

A man holding what looks to be a Curious George monkey doll bearing an Obama bumper sticker around its head was caught on camera at a Gov. Sarah Palin rally today.

The CBS News "From the Road" blog was kind enough to share the video with the world.

In his posting, Scott Conroy wrote:

(PHILADELPHIA) As the crowd cheered at a Sarah Palin rally this morning in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a man in the audience grinned as he held up a stuffed monkey doll with a Barack Obama bumper sticker wrapped across its forehead...

After Palin finished her remarks this morning, the man holding the stuffed monkey seemed to notice that a video camera was pointed at him, at which point he removed the Obama sticker from the doll's head and crumpling it up in his hand. He then handed the doll to a young boy who was watching the rally from his father's shoulders. The boy's parents later told CBS News that they weren't acquainted with the man who gave their son the stuffed monkey.

Wonder what our fellow citizen would have done if the little innocent hadn't been there to transform the doll from a racist symbol back into a doll?


Blogger M. Scout said...

"Is this the end of days papa?"

10/12/2008 8:35 PM


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