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Thursday, February 16, 2006

How to Use a LG VX8100 as a MP3 Player

Ok since I spent 4 days figuring this out I thought I would help out anybody who needed the information.

If you have a Verizon LG VX8100 cell phone here's how to use it as a MP3 player.

You will need to purchase a mini sd card (I got mine online for 19.99 fjor 512mb) but that was on sale. You will need a special USB cable for your phone (search froogle) and a card reader.

You will need to download BitPim to use as your program to convert your mp3s so they can be used by the phone.

In Bitpim go to ringers and click ADD at the top, find the song you want and open it. A box will come up and you click convert and when that is done click OK.

You can now put into a folder that you can access easily from your reader.

Connect the reader and insert your memory card. Click my computer and find the right removable disk box (mine was I but it can be different like G or H). Double click that and then drag and drop your converted files from your saved folder in the memory card.

That's it, the songs will show up when you press the front button on the phone and hold for about 3 seconds.

Man I'm so glad I finally figured it all out. It was driving me nuts


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