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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Walmart "Edits"

No, you're not smoking something--the cover of
Willie Nelson's new reggae album comes in two separate versions: regular and Wal-Mart.
The cover art of Countryman, released Tuesday, features green marijuana leaves over a red and yellow background and looks similar to a large pack of rolling papers.

However, for those looking to snap up the CD at Wal-Mart's famously rolled back prices, the cover features a palm tree in place of the offending leaves, a change made by Universal Music Group Nashville out of deference to the retailing giant's strict guidelines with regards to lyrics and packaging.

full story:
Wal-Mart Tweaks Willie's Reggae


Blogger hooey said...

Typical corporte censorship.

7/14/2005 2:21 PM

Blogger Kevin Carson said...

I got some traffic from here--I think "next blog" sent me over. I'm glad I checked it out, for this post alone!

Willie Nelson and Wal-Mart are from two different worlds, to say the least.

I'm glad to know Countryman's been released. I've been waiting for it ever since I heard Willie had cut a reggae album and that it had a cover of "Worried Man." I'll definitely NOT be buying it from Wal-Mart, though.

Nice blog, BTW.

7/14/2005 7:14 PM


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