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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Canadians Believe Bush and Bin Laden both Threats

This is sad and quite scary to think other countries see us like this:

TORONTO -- Canadians believe U.S. President George W. Bush is almost as great a threat to our national security as Osama bin Laden, according to a government opinion poll obtained by the National Post.

The 1,500 people contacted for the poll, conducted last February for the Department of National Defence, listed "International Organized Crime" as the top danger, with 38 per cent ranking it as a great threat to security concern and another 50 per cent listing it as moderate.

But tied for second in the poll were "U.S. Foreign Policy" and "Terrorism," with 37 per cent rating it a great risk. Just behind those worries came "Climate Change and Global Warming."

full story:
Canadians see Bush, bin Laden as national security threats


Blogger blindpigpress said...

i am one canadian who believes bush is a greater threat than bin laden (does bin laden still exist? why can't the u.s. find him?). america's war on terror is a tremendously misdirected use of aggression and financial resourses. i sometimes listen to NPR (i live near niagara falls) and it cracks me up when i hear about these threats to national security and code red alerts. these things existed long before 911 and will continue long after bush is no longer president. these things will exist as long as u.s. foreign policy refuses to allow countries and people to determine their own fates. this state of constant threat is unhealthy for all americans and the rest of the world. i hope that america will someday become a sane country. or maybe just saner.

6/15/2005 11:08 AM


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