Being Liberal and a Progressive in a RED STATE is not an easy thing these days. I started this blog to vent my frustrations on our lives being taken over by right wing conservatives with their propaganda machines. I have also learned an important lesson in the last year, it is that reading is the only way to get real information, you cannot depend on the news you see on TV.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Pro-Cure Movement

Those who voted against the stem-cell research bill may look back on this as the vote that helped get them tossed out of office.

....I have a gut feeling that President Bush is headed for a serious bruising on this issue, as are at least some of the 180 Republicans and 14 Democrats who voted last week against the stem-cell-research bill that passed the House. These members may look back ruefully on this vote as one that helped get them tossed out of office.....I Hope So!

The Reason I am For Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Amanda Kay Duty

22 years old

Died February 23rd, 2004 -- Thymic Carcinoma


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