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Monday, September 05, 2005

The Two Americas ~~ A Really True Reality!

It is pretty clear now that presidential hopeful John Edward's Two Americas was a fact, laughed at by some Americans who have never experienced class warfare.

I voted for this man in the primaries in my state. I knew exactly what he was talking about. But it must be hard to imagine by some like George W who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Maybe now some Americans will see what this means by looking at the faces of those that were left behind in New Orleans. The poorest of the poor, who couldn't even begin to be able to evacuate themselves and their families from an immient disaster, BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO POOR!

Hopefully this will be a turning point for most Americans to see that a country as rich as we have THAT needs to help its poorest and weakest. If not I believe we are doomed.

It is time for American to wake up. We cannot sustain a society that only gives back to the richest of the rich while doing nothing for the poorest of the poor.


Anonymous Joanne said...

This reminded me that most Americans don't realize that America is one of the few countries left that does not provide free health care to its people. The others that don't are third world countries.

Most Americans think America is so much better than the rest of the world. I've been to 4 other countries. Honestly, we have no more advantages than those I visited. We are being brainwashed by those who want power to believe we live in the Land of Freedom.
The poorest people in this country have the least amount of freedoms of anywhere.

9/13/2005 9:39 AM


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