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Thursday, June 23, 2005

How to Make a Christian out of a Christian

<>Evangelicals Building a Base in Iraq
Newcomers Raise Worry Among Traditional Church Leaders

With arms outstretched, the congregation at National Evangelical Baptist Church belted out a praise hymn backed up by drums, electric guitar and keyboard. In the corner, slide images of Jesus filled a large screen. A simple white cross of wood adorned the stage, and worshipers sprinkled the pastor's Bible-based sermon with approving shouts of "Ameen!"

National is Iraq's first Baptist congregation and one of at least seven new Christian evangelical churches established in Baghdad in the past two years. Its Sunday afternoon service, in a building behind a house on a quiet street, draws a couple of hundred worshipers who like the lively music and focus on the Bible.

"......The way the preachers arrived here . . . with soldiers . . . was not a good thing," said Baghdad's Roman Catholic archbishop, Jean Sleiman. "I think they had the intention that they could convert Muslims, though Christians didn't do it here for 2,000 years."

"In the end," Sleiman said, "they are seducing Christians from other churches.........."


Blogger hooey said...

Iraq is a Muslim country. Period. Christian fudamentalists shoud not attempt to convert them. It will only agitate them.

6/23/2005 2:53 PM

Blogger Armans said...

I spent a couple of years overseas in Russia - specifically in the Republic of Tartarstan, an Islamist republic.

There are a good many christians there - but they go about their work differently that it seems they are doing in Iraq.

In Tartarstan, it was about service and simply being friends. It was enough. No evangelists walked the streets or whatnot.

6/23/2005 3:27 PM


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